Friday, August 8, 2008

Twitter goes...Hitler?

Posted by MajorLB

Oh, Twitter. I like you. I might even really like you, but just when I think we're getting whale.

Apparently I'm not the only one feeling a little let down. This is a pretty standard internet video with changing captions, but I thought it was well done by TechCrunch:

The great thing about this video is I really don't feel bad watching stuff like this at work because it's sorta related to my job in a very distant way. Well, Hitler videos might be stretching it a bit.


D Wheezy said...

Hilarious. I'd never seen that in any form, but that's pretty much how I react to a fail whale.

Speaking of, here is an interesting interview with the creator of the fail whale. Turns out she put it on istockphoto, where Twitter purchased it. It wasn't commissioned or anything like that.

Shabutie said...

So, I pretty much love Immediate Regret even more than ever for bringing this to me. I LOLed IRL and sent this to everyone I know. You guys just earned a place on my bookmark toolbar for this.

MajorLB said...

I'm pretty sure providing you a place to tell personal ménage à trois stories in the comments should have earned us a bookmark awhile ago, but glad you liked it.

Shabutie said...

LOL, I take no responsibility for that comment. I tried to keep it P.C. but was peer pressured into revealing more and more of the story from others.

And since we all know I'm actually a 13 year old boy, I MUST give in to peer pressure to fit in.

Royalcow said...

Well I hope you guys aren't as bad as Gabe over at Penny Arcade. Good comments by Tycho as well if you click on the News link at the bottom.

D Wheezy said...

I'm pretty bad Twitter-wise in terms of unimportant tweets. And Mueller is too I'm certain. But that's the whole point - I love every minute.

In related news, in the 5 minutes or so the internet was down over at Agile, I had more tweets from their Twitter personal than I usually see from the whole of them in a day. I just imagined the entire company spinning away from their computers and texting to 40404.

Double M said...

To be fair, Wheezy, all I use Twitter for is unimportant updates (Ross did warn me not to get crazy like that Penny Arcade comic) or blatantly irresponsible/inappropriate statements.

D Wheezy said...

Personnel. Twitter personnel.

Stupid typos making me look dumb.

Ross said...

At this point I'd like to cut and paste part of my conversation with Matt about Twitter:
"Am I going to get updates every time you make a sandwich or a turd now?"

The very next day I saw that Penny Arcade comic. I think they're reading my IM's for comic ideas.

D Wheezy said...

Next IM conversation I have with Ross:

Wheezy: Hey Ross. What are you doing?

Ross: Reading Immediate Regret of course!

Wheezy: Oh, you mean

Ross: You know it! Only the best online source of hilarious content every created by mankind!

Wheezy: I completely agree. In fact I'm going to go there right now!

Ross: See ya there!

Lincoln said...


The source movie (Der Untergang) is incredibly good as well; you should watch it.

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