Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cat + Utensils = Crazy

Posted by Double M

You may remember a few posts ago when I showed you a video from the soup featuring the spaghetti cat (pictured on the left). Well, it turns out that the spaghetti cat actually is their censor image, meaning anytime someone says something that should be censored, the program shows that picture and drops the sound. In this case, I guess the girl says the word "retarded" so they censor her out.

In any case, I wanted to know where they found the picture of the spaghetti cat and so I began searching the internets...and after like 2 minutes, I got distracted by something else and completely forgot about the search. Fortunately, I stumbled upon another video that made me laugh that also happens to involve a cat eating human food. Here's a video of a cat eating with a fork. As a bonus, it also features a crazy cat lady.

That's crazy huh? I hope that starts your shortened week out right.


D Wheezy said...

That "news" station needs to fire their fact checker. That tabby was clearly eating dessert with a spork, not a spoon, as was stated in the video.

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