Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Extended Stay Bomb Dropping

Posted by Double M

A little over a month ago, I posted some videos of a girl licking things in a hotel room. If you remember (and I'm not sure how you couldn't if you watched the commercial), the chick held up a URL at the end of the clip. Turns out it was a commercial for Extended Stay hotels. Well, it turns out they've got a new commercial out about how relaxed the hotels make you.

If you couldn't pick that up, that commercial is all about farting. I'm not sure it will help them me a sell hotel stay, but they do make me laugh. And remember Extended Stay Hotels. So I guess it worked. Kinda.

Speaking of commercials that are awesome, here's the extended version of the Gates/Seinfeld/Microsoft commercial in case you haven't seen it somehow. It's well worth the watch.


Shabutie said...

I'll assume by commercials that are awesome, you meant to crossout awesome and put "stupid and don't make sense with anything Microsoft is selling, doesn't fix Vista from being a piece of shit and features an actor that hasn't been entrenched in pop-culture since 1998" (though I guess its been almost that long since Microsoft released a good Operating System and yes, I mean XP not Win98).

Seriously, worst idea to fix your image ever. Why not you know, try fixing your fucking product.


Double M said...

I'm pretty sure there's been a Vista bitching session here before (and I'd immediately regret starting it again) so at the risk of starting that up again...

Your first statement doesn't necessarily matter: Microsoft's commercials don't have to sell the product because everyone already knows what it is.

Your second statement is technically true, except that I'm pretty sure if Seinfeld decided to create a sitcom on TV next week it would be the most watched show that week. So, yes, he may not be entrenched in pop-culture, but to say he's not extremely popular is ridiculous.

And while Vista may have issues, software development and advertising/marketing are completely separate departments. Telling them to not advertise at the sake of fixing their produce doesn't make sense.

And to top it off - this type of random humor is right up your alley. I'm fairly certain you just wanted to complain about Microsoft.

D Wheezy said...

I've actually heard a really interesting theory (from 'This Week in Tech') that these commercials are metaphors for Apple. For example:

In the first commercial, the "Shoe Circus" is selling Macs, which are shoes which "run tight" but "they'll stretch"... meaning that even though a Mac isn't what you really need, you'll get used to it.

In the second commercial, the old lady is supposed to be Steve Jobs ("she's been with us 12 years") - exactly how long Jobs has been with Apple. She's also always fixing stuff around the house - the secret weapon that keeps that place working.

Not saying it's a perfect theory, or that I necessarily agree, but it's interesting none the less.

Shabutie said...

Well double m, I would say if they don't advertise to fix their PRODUCE they will be missing the mark a little, as I don't really buy Microsoft Apples.

But anyway, I do agree with you that the departments are different but rather than the ridiculous amount of money they spent on getting Seinfeld on board with this, they could have spent some more money in the development. Maybe thats just the Software Engineer in me talking.

To clarify, I did find the commercial funny and enjoyable but it fails to fix the underlying problem of why people are not happy with Microsoft.

And while I do admit that I enjoy bashing Vista, because its a piece of shit (sorry had to), I believe you misunderstand me. I WANT to like Vista, I was stoked about it coming out when it was still in development, but I can't with a clear conscience like it.

I have no problem with Microsoft in general. The XBox 360 is amazing, fuck PS3. C# and .NET are two of the greatest things to come to programming in years IMHO. Office is also a great set of tools, though I prefer Google for the mobility features. Visual Studio is the best programming environment period.

I may own a MacBook Pro, but I don't hate Microsoft. Just wish they had a new OS that I would actually use. Fingers crossed for Windows 7.

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