Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hip-hop's Effect on White People [The Real]

Posted by Double M

If you haven't figured it out yet there a couple of the things that I love are webernet videos and hip-hop (one is my heritage and one is my pass time - I'll let you decide which). In any case, I stumbled upon to a website that combines both of these things together called "The Real". This site just posts videos of hip-hop sketch comedy, which is pretty much right up my alley. So, today, I'm bringing you a couple videos from the site that I found pretty funny.

The first video is about the power hip-hop has over people. It's actually pretty clever and made me laugh.

The second video is making fun of freestyling/BET's Freestyle Friday from 106 & Park (that thing was awesome in concept, rigged in real life). It's a funny video, but if you ever watched Freestyle Friday, you will especially enjoy this.

Side note: I know nothing about this Vimeo video service, but it seems like a decent alternative to for higher quality video sharing.


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