Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Passions of the Wheezy

Posted by Wheezy

Hey there hop-ons. Quick afternoon post for ya.

As the Bovine of Kingly heritage already pointed out, an important decision is upcoming that concerns all Americans, especially with the economy being what it is these days.

Rock Band 2, or Guitar Hero 4(ish*).

Well, Harmonix recently released the new cinematic for Rock Band 2, and seeing as how it's an animation AND hosted on, I thought that it should probably be me who brings it to your attention.

On a side note, if anybody can actually get me some Hulu paraphernalia, preferably a hat or laptop case or something, they can get a Wheezy original artwork commission of their choosing. I've decided to try my best to become a corporate shill without anybody actually asking it of me, and I'm ok with that.

*This is only if you don't count the 80's version, the Aerosmith version, and the DS version, which would really make the next GH number 7. But as we all know nothing good comes of 7th iterations, so they just haven't been numbering a few here and there.


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