Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ranking the SNL Cast Members from the 2008-09 Season Part 1

Posted by Double M

So we're now 2 episodes into the new season of SNL. It's been mediocre. I have laughed at times, but overall it's just been OK. The thing about SNL now is that I can tell you about 10 seconds into a skit whether I will like it or not. This is mainly (but not always) due to the people in the skit. As such, I've decided to rank the cast members of this season because it will help you watch the show.

Side note: For the purpose of this post, I'll try to focus on SNL and ignore their work outside of the show.

Side note 2: I'm supporting Wheezy's Hulu boner throughout this entire post.

1. Bill Hader
I might have a man crush on Bill Hader. I know I just said I was going to try and ignore their work outside of SNL, but it needs to be said that Hader's cop in Superbad was genius. Hader had a rough first year or so on the show - they just didn't know how to use him. Now, the writers seem to have it figured out and I think that a large part of the return of SNL last year was due to Bill Hader. He's versatile - can play almost any style of character and if he's in a skit, I guarantee you will laugh at least a couple times. There's a great example of SNL just finding a way to use Bill Hader's abilities in the opening from last week's SNL. Warning: It's a political skit/

He also nailed Daniel Plainview from "There Will Be Blood" in the milkshakes skit.

2. Amy Poehler
I originally had Amy Poehler a little lower on this list - not because she's not funny but because I didn't remember her doing many skits - but when I started searching I realized she's actually in a ton. Every time she's in a skit, she nails it. It's unfortunate that she'll be done on SNL this year when she starts her new comedy on NBC. In fact, I'm not sure how SNL is going to survive her leaving because she can play the any type of character (and also nails Hilary Clinton). In any case, here's an old Amy Poehler skit that makes me laugh.

3. Jason Sudeikis
Sudeikis is just a solid all-around guy. He has good delivery and is generally just a funny guy. I don't think he has the power to make a skit, but he's good enough to not kill it. He's best when he plays the straight-laced hombre (like he does on 30 Rock), but he can do some other funny things like this skit about Young Chuck Norris.

4. Will Forte
Will Forte is more or less Jason Sudeikis with a higher upside and lower downside. In one skit he will be hilarious and the next skit he will be really annoying or just boring. Forte, unlike a lot of SNL actors, seems to be at his best when he's not imitating real people. Of course, his best stuff is the MacGruber skits.

5. Andy Samberg
Look: Andy Samberg is an atrocious live actor. Not good at all. Every time he's in a skit, you just have to be ready for one of two things:

1) Cross-dressing
2) Poorly delivered lines.

He's already accomplished both of these things this year already. So why is he up so high? Because his digital shorts have changed SNL and made me laugh a lot.

6. Kristen Wiig
After the first 5 it can get to be a dicey proposition. Kristen Wiig is a prime example of this. First, I think Kristen is really funny. When she's on, she may be better than Amy Poehler (and she's probably just as versatile). Unfortunately, when she's off, I want to punch her in the face (Target skit, I'm looking at you). The good news is, the writers seem to have figured that out as well and have started to work in more skits that make me laugh. If you've seen her Suze Orman impression, you have to be impressed, but for some reason this surprise party skit is my favorite thing she's done.

Catch part 2 ranking the bottom half of the cast this afternoon.


D Wheezy said...

This post appeals to me on a number of levels, the first of which being my aforementioned "boner" for Hulu, but also because one of the greatest things Double M does for his country is to filter through the roughly 2 hours of SNL every Saturday and find only the good stuff to direct my wary eye towards.

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