Monday, September 8, 2008

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the RNC

Posted by Ross

A special post for my boy Blair and his love of Triumph. This is pretty self explanatory, so I'll use the intro for my own personal politcal griping. Mainly I just wanted to add that apparently Palin lied through her teeth about the bridge to nowhere. I've heard a lot more about how this "fiscal conservative" isn't all that anti-pork barrel spending and actually raised government spending by 33% (Anne Kilkenny's unverified numbers) in her time as mayor. The McCain campaign strategy seems to be to limit the negative press about her by not letting her actually field any questions. Someone please explain to me what the hell the GOP was thinking. Enough Palin bashing, I'll leave that to the pros. On to the funny-

I'd like to apologize to the IR staff for alienating our Republican readers. In exchange, if any of them would like, I'll let them write a Biden bashing post.


D Wheezy said...

Gee. Thanks for the opportunity to knock the Democratic VP. I appreciate it.

Maybe a penalty for losing something in the IR upcoming events?

Ross said...

I meant I'd let our Republican readers do that. You go ahead and post about whatever the hell you want Wheezy.

D Wheezy said...

Anderson Cooper, good job man.

TK said...

As a Republican reader of IR, I immediately regret having read that post. I will begin having bitter feelings for Ross, and the rest of the staff who let that happen, and those feelings will last one entire day. In retaliation, I will buy gas only at Exxon Mobile for the next month and leave my car running more often (i.e. while I sleep). I will also look for opportunities to drive past impoverished neighborhoods and, in my mind, say that it's their fault they live there. As a final blow, I will now donate $10 to the George W. Bush Presidential Library Fund. Take that you poop mouths! Poop!

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