Friday, September 26, 2008

Twittered Pink - Weekly Twitter Round Up

Posted by Wheezy

Hey Hops Ons. Wheezy here.

In the afternoon Friday time slot, when everybody is just trying to kill some time until the weekend truly begins, we're bringing you an idea we stole a new segment here at Immediate Regret called the Weekly Twitter Round Up.

For those of you who don't know, Twitter is a social networking website that allows you to basically have IM conversations with your friends, coworkers, family, or favorite political candidate* publicly (or "invite only" style) on the intertubes. You may have heard about it from some of our other IR bloggers. If you're already on Twitter you can follow the IR crew's twitter feeds by checking out the sidebar.

Except Ross of course. Technology scares him in ways that $700 billion dollar investments in failing industries scare me.

Throughout the week people share links to things they find interesting, and in "Weekly Twitter Round Up" I'll be sharing a few of the more interesting stuff people have 'tweeted'. So without further ado - here's this week's Twitter Round Up.

Thanks to the Biz-Nitch for letting me straight up jack his great idea.

Immediate Regret Weekly Twitter Round Up

From wesleyzero

Speaking of great ideas, apparently Google is shelling out millions for them.

From drhorrible

Parodies of the Mac ads abound, but these seem rather topical.

From rohlich

A look into the mind of one of the many intelligent, hard working, assistants that grease the wheels of Hollywood.

From shabutie

All you ever needed to know about Cern's large hadron collider.

Have a good weekend.

*Pretty sure that the Obama Twitter account is legit. The McCain one, on the other hand, I cannot say. The fact that it only has 5 updates could be proof that it's fake. Then again, considering the senator's self admitted minimal technical acumen, 5 updates could be confirmation of its legitimacy.


Ross said...

Technology scarea me? I postes this comment from my sweet new phone, son. You're just jealous ai blocked you out of my twitter account

D Wheezy said...

Yeah, I was jealous. Also, jealous of your sweet phone.

I want a sweet phone. Anybody have suggestions as to what I should get? Any carrier any brand.

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