Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5 Minute Fix: "Real World Self Defense"

Posted by Double M

Some people have the most ridiculous imaginations. I'm fairly certain the guy who made this video has one of them. In this video, some hombre decides to bust out "real world self defense" tactics. I'm pretty sure if you ever tried to use any of these things you'd immediately regret it.


Ross said...

Gold. This is like when you would play fight as a kid and tell the other kid- alright, now you do this, and then I do this, and then you do that and then BAM- I killed you like this.

I love the joint lock at about 3:50.

Stobber said...

i don't get this, but i'm sure you football/game junkies will love it: http://electrobertjones.com/projects/sas/MarioWilliams.png

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