Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Concert Review: Kings of Leon

Posted by MajorLB

Grade: A

Anyone who follows me on Twitter probaby noticed that I attended a Kings of Leon concert Monday night and promised a more lengthy review.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but I also really like their music. If you don't like their albums then you probably won't like the concert (not always true for me). They only play their music. I was actually surprised out how well all of their music blended into a coherent sound, because listening album to album chronologically there is definitely a progression of sound. They played 75% of their new album and then every single or popular song from previous albums including all the songs that have videos on their website. Including this one which I have to share because I think it would have been awesome to make. Also check out all the videos to see that the lead singer has never had a good haircut.

So, if you're a fan of the band you weren't hearing anything you don't know or covers of other bands. Which I can go either way on. On one hand I obviously like their music and want enjoy the songs I can dance and singalong to, but I also kinda like hearing unfamiliar stuff. My concert going companion also pointed out that there wasn't much deviation from the studio tracks. I think the intros were usually longer and they pulled some solos and instrumental sections a bit here and there. I think there was more of that in the latter parts. Maybe because Jacob, the lead singer, admitted his voice was a little wrecked, but he definitely pushed it and you couldn't notice until later in the concert.

They were also all business. No witty banter or joke attempts. They did tell us they were Kings of Leon three different times and thanked us profusely for attending and God blessed us. They felt very genuine in their appreciation for being able to make a living playing music. I also liked that their lighting was effective and mood setting with out distracting or becoming a focal point. I still could have done with a little less of the lights that looks like a stadium with cameras flashing about.

Takeaway 1: If you like any of the albums and get the chance, go see them in concert.

Takeaway 2: People suck at clapping along to a beat.

P.S. Shoutout to We Are Scientists who had some catchy tunes and were pretty funny after the first failed attempt at humor.


Ross said...

I've seen these guys 3-4 times now. Always a great show. I saw them once at Stubb's at the end of a tour and you could tell they were pretty tired and ready for a break. Still a decent show. Every other time they've blown me away.

Shabutie said...

First off, the mental picture of seeing you "dance" to this music is quite amusing. I'm sure its nothing like I'm picturing, but there's a lot a flailing and definitely what looks like a seizure.

With the whole band not really saying much between songs, I can go either way. When I saw Silverchair last year they let the talking go overboard, but were still funny. Coheed & Cambria (my favorite band) is always awesome and barely says anything (though the extend The Final Cut from 7 minutes to about 25-30 sometimes, which is awesome). But I've seen Thrice 3 times, and every time been disappointed bc they just came out, played their songs, sounded the exact same as their album and left. So for me it definitely depends on the band.

Also, We Are Scientists is an awesome band, you should definitely check out all 4 of their albums. Really good.

MajorLB said...

I'm curious, what is your non-dancing mental image of me?

Do you remember actually meeting me or do you just imagine the wonder woman boobs?

Royalcow said...

Don't know about anyone else, but now I'm thinking about Wonder Woman boobs.

Ross said...

There's no bathroom
And there is no sink
The water out of the tap is veryyy

Sorry, I have to sing that whenever someone says Silverchair. It's kind of like Cartman and Sail Away.

MajorLB said...

I forgot to mention that Eddie Vedder showed up and bursted on stage for half of a song. He also took the cigarette out of Matthew's mouth as he played guitar, took a drag, and put it back.

Shabutie said...

Pssh coem oen I rrmemeber meeting you. That was liek fsomemer of 07 whene myueller was elaving and i was all "OMG I CANT BELEIVE ALL MY NEBRWAKA FRIENDS ARE LEAVING"

So teo answer your wuestion, yes I remamber meeting you. On a nother note, I dot bekeieve this iw the secodn time I've post drunk and I'd jsut like to poitn out that ROSSS KICKS ASS because he definitely loves silverchair and that emeans aoesome in my beok. LUV YOU GYS, THANKS FRO THE SHOUTOUT TO ME EARLIER DOUBERLM, and majroelb, I stil take offense to the fact theat you wourld thinkt I don't remeber you. PIECE!

Double M said...

It's Wednesday...good effort.

Also, commenting on IR just got a whole lot easier with embedded commenting.

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