Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[Update] Guitar Hero: World Tour Rant

Posted by Royalcow

Right now I should be playing Guitar Hero: World Tour. I did some earlier this evening, but you can only get so frustrated before you throw a drum stick through a TV. And I like my TV. No I wasn't playing on Hard, but rather trying to play at all. At this point I only wish it were my lack of skill that was the problem.

I seem to be one of many that have been rewarded for purchasing GH:WT on the launch date with a faulty drum set. Specifically on my set, the red pad and the left cymbal don't always work well (at least that's how it started) and the touch bar on the guitar seems a bit wonky. After playing some on Sunday I just figured that I mostly sucked at drums. But after reading Kotaku I realized that I might actually be better than I thought and it was the hardware that was the problem. I put this to the test on Monday and sure enough I was hitting the pads but it didn't register all the time. Oh and the left cymbal cut out (which I could fix by unplugging and plugging the connector cable). So I switched to guitar and felt much better about myself.

Today, I get more updates on the issue (via Kotaku again) and realize that I might be better off just returning the damn thing and seeing if I can exchange the set. After wasting a lunch driving around to Best Buy trying to find a full Xbox 360 band kit in stock I resign myself to trying this mystical tape solution that I've read so much about. Well, now my red pad works much better (which likely points to a sensitivity issue) but my left cymbal has deteriorated to the point where it no longer recognizes any but earth-shattering hits. I switched cymbals only to find that I still had an non-functioning left cymbal. Awesome, now I can't get through a song on Medium because of my drum set.

So I would urge the would be Guitar Hero: World Tour buyer to wait. Maybe by Thanksgiving they will have their manufacturing process in order. Now I know there are a lot of people out there with completely working sets, but there are also widespread reports of all three systems having problems. Oh and PS3 owners forget about trying to use the GH drums with Rock Band 2.

I would like to close this rant with a message to Activision and Red Octane. You should have learned an important lesson after watching Harmonix and EA take a beating over the quality control issues with their hardware. Hopefully there will be resolution soon. If not, well, there's always Rock Band.

Update: Tech support thinks this is a sensitivity issue (duh) and that the tuning software should fix it. Unfortunately, they now need to send me a USB to MIDI connector. Who knows how long that will take?

Maybe Lolcats will make me feel better. Oh who am I kidding of course they will!



Double M said...

Hmm. I have the Wii version of Guitar Hero waiting for me when I return home from Austin. If they don't have it fixed by this weekend, I will be very upset.

Anonymous said...

This is probably because people like me who work in retail (I work in Target's backroom and stock these things all the time) like to throw shit around everywhere.

I don't give a fuck about these things so when I'm transporting them around or pulling one out of the backroom because some guest wants one, I don't hesitate to throw it. Fuck it, that thing is on the top shelf and I'm not gonna carry it down the ladder and kill myself for you.

So your cymbal doesn't work probably because I and everyone else in retail threw you World Tour set around in the backroom because we don't give a shit. Sorry man.

Royalcow said...

@double m Hopefully yours won't be affected.

@anon While the box might look somewhat like someone threw it around the backroom I think the problem is the sensitivity of the set is all messed up.

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