Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If Underground is in the Acronym, It's Got to be Extreme [UXARM]

Posted by Double M

I have to credit my friend Shabutie for tipping me off to this one before it got cred on the intermist.

There apparently is this thing out there called UXARM. I have no clue what that stands for, but I assume it is something like Underground Extreme Arm Wrestling. The description on calls it "a mix of MMA fighting and arm wrestling." I don't think it's that intense. I've included the video below (using Splicd to cut out the first minute of worthlessness).

I'm not sure what that is. It's kinda like a slap fight with one fist or a meathead's version of bloody knuckles. Honestly, it just looks like a couple of dudes that don't know how to throw a punch (although, I'll give them the credit since they do have one of their arms tied together).

Extreme may not be the way I describe it. Extremely dumb may be more accurate. You know who is extreme though? The hombre with a pony tail and the "Respect" shirt. Don't f- with that guy.

All that said, if the organizers of UXARM made that table head swivel (instead of being like a normal table) and put a knife in each guy's hand instead of just a fist, it would be very similar to a fight scene I saw a long time ago.

Ah, Michael Jackson. Such a visionary. He made Thriller!


D Wheezy said...

Nice! You're a Blogger wizard Double M. Well done sir.

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