Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making Me Laugh: An Engineering Mind

Posted by Double M

I spend a lot of time on the intermist. A lot. And in between contributing to this here blog, watching important things on Hulu, and buying cologne (I have to smell good when I go talk to football coaches...that doesn't make me gay does it? Not that there's anything wrong with that), I don't really have too much time to contribute real original content to the webernets.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of people to pick up the slack for me. One of my favorites is my boy Todd over at An Engineering Mind (that's a blog roll - go visit. Now. I even made it open in a new tab/window by default. I'll wait...OK now that you are back, I'll continue). I know the name might scare you a little bit, but it's a really funny blog.

Todd and whoever (whomever? Ross I need your help on this one) is lucky enough to film him do an excellent job of finding that sweet spot where nerdy, techie, funny, and pop-cultury (I made this word up) meet and I genuinely look forward to watching these videos every time they roll into my reader. Some of the videos definitely have some engineering lingo, but I think you'll enjoy them even if you're not an engineer.

And since what I do is deliver videos right to your index finger, here is my favorite video from Todd. In this video, he breaks down why first person shooters are better than MMORPGs.

Pretty funny right? The answer is yes.

Todd isn't your average engineering nerd though (couldn't you tell by his salmon - or was it straight up pink - colored polo?) and he doesn't just talk about video games. He also provides PSAs for people as well.

Todd has a bunch of videos up at the An Engineering Mind blog. Make sure you go check them out. If nothing else, you can check out the An Engineering Mind profile and check out all kinds of videos there.

Side note: I've been meaning to share these videos with you for forever, but it was only after seeing a couple friends from NI at a career fair that I remembered I needed to post it. Sorry it's taken me so long.

Side note 2: Lots of parentheses today - no clue why.

Late addition side note 3: I think everyone that contributes to this blog has, at one point in their life, received a paycheck from NI. I'm sure the slogan National Instruments: Inspiring Immediate Regret wouldn't pass the marketing test but it's probably true in some fashion. Thanks, NI!


TK said...

I know we've arrived now that we're on IR, thanks for the shout out! And yes, that is a salmon shirt. And no, I didn't know that until my wife told me after buying the shirt. And yes, I did ask her if it was a pink shirt. And no, she is not the boss of me.

Chelsie said...

Whomever, Matt. Should definitely be whomever. :)

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