Thursday, October 23, 2008

Small People Doing Big People Things Are Funny [Ben Wilson]

Posted by Double M

As a part of my job, I watch a lot of football film. So, you can trust me when I say that you will enjoy these football highlights. They are from a kid named Ben Wilson - he is a linebacker/running back and delivers some brutal hits for being an 8-year-old.

To be fair, most of the film I watch does not involve little kids I don't ever watch Pee Wee football game film, so maybe I'm missing out - but those hits are awesome aren't they? If I had ever been tackled like that, I'm pretty sure my mom would have come flying out on the field to save me.

Taking a step back - it is awesome watching little kids play football isn't it? For some reason watching little kids play football (as compared to baseball or basketball) always makes me laugh - something about the pads I think. It also makes me wonder what it would be like to watch a midget football league. I guarantee there are some little people (what's the proper term? I don't really care - just would like to know) that would definitely participate in a league like that. Can we get this started? I would happily be a GM.

Anyway, here's some more highlights of Ben Wilson.


MajorLB said...

I hope that kid grows up to be large.

Double M said...

True - although if he ends up too big, I'm pretty sure he'd kill someone on the field.

Shabutie said...

Goddamn you immature humor. You make me laugh @majorlb's comment for the completely inappropriate reasons.

Johnny said...

Little girl dominating in flag football

Double M said...

That link may be the closest thing to child porn that we've ever posted - those kids shorts were so short! Damn you early 90's!

Also, crazy direct snap play out of shotgun in a little league flag football game.

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