Friday, October 10, 2008

SNL on Thursday Recap

Posted by Double M

I thought that I'd try to squeeze one more post in before Wheezy's weekly Twitter Roundup. You may or may not have noticed, but SNL was on Thursday night. Basically, this is an excuse for many things:

1) Delay the launch of 30 Rock (this is probably because many people would ask why Sarah Palin is now on 30 Rock)
2) To make a lot more election jokes, because it's the favorite thing for the SNL writers to do
3) An excuse to milk Amy Poehler as much as they can until she has her baby

So with all that in mind, SNL basically did one political skit which was kinda funny but got long. Plus Conan's writers beat them to the punch on one of the best jokes, and, to be honest, executed it better, so I've included that instead (if you follow the link in this paragraph, you can see the skit).

After the one political skit, they jumped into Weekend Update for the rest of the episode. Weekend Update has been pretty good this year, and it was funny in spots (here's my beef with Weekend Update - it's a poor man's Daily Show and it shouldn't carry a whole show). As is the standard, they did have "skits" in the newscast. Unfortunately I didn't like the first two skits. The first one features Keenan yelling "Fix It!" a lot. It was not funny, although, to be fair to Keenan he didn't blow this skit - it was just bad writing. They followed this up with a skit where Amy and Seth just say "Really" a lot. Conceptually it was funny the first time, but it hasn't made me laugh for a while now. They are both in clip below.

Fortunately, it got better. Of the three news skits, the best one featured Hall & Oates covering their song Dreams Come True with lyrics about Obama and McCain.

So, now you know what to expect for Thursday night SNL - 1 political skit and then a bunch of news/political skits in 20 minutes left. FYI, they have 3 more shows until the election and the return of 30 Rock.


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