Monday, October 6, 2008

SNL Recap: Is Anne Hathaway Hot?

Posted by Double M

Anne Hathaway hosted SNL this week. It was way better than last weeks. Way better - like I laughed multiple times. But more on that in a second. I spent the entire episode debating whether Ms. Hathaway is hot. She's pretty, she seems gullible (I mean her boyfriend got sent to jail for fraud - he's gotta be duping her somehow in there), and she seems down for whatever (which may be a good or a bad thing depending on your POV). My point is - I have no clue whether she's hot or just attractive. I don't know where she ranks in the area code rating, but the second number is definitely a 1 (that's the 1 or 0 part). Someone help me figure this out.

Regardless of what you think of Anne Hathaway, she hosted SNL this week. There were definitely some funny moments, but I felt like the show was going to be another mediocre effort with some moments that made me chuckle (like Kristen Wiig running around with baby hands) but nothing that made me actually laugh (pending what you think of the Palin opening skit which I think was funny and spot on, but more of the same so kinda boring). That is until Andy Samberg rolled out his digital short from the week. It was entitled Extreme Activities Competition and I was leery after the Space Olympics was so awful, but this was funny.

The only thing that sucks about that skit is Keenan Thompson, and even he didn't mess it up.

It felt like from that point on the show was really good. The Weekend Update was really good and there was a Sioux City News 3 skit that was basically spoofing funny news reporter clips on YouTube that made me laugh a lot. Unfortunately, I can't show you the clip because NBC won't put it on the intermist. UPDATE: You can now see this video in this post.

The craziest thing of the whole night may have been seeing Andy Samberg's best acting ever. Somehow Samberg does one of the greatest Mark Wahlberg I've seen. And this skit made me laugh.

There were also a couple other skits at the very end "Pretending To Be Gay" where Jason Sudeikis played a dude that pretended to be gay in the hopes that he could eventually hook up with Anne Hathaway's character. Again, NBC won't share the whole episode and so I can't show it to you and I've tried searching for it but you'd be surprised how many hits "Pretending to be Gay" gets on Google.

The last skit of the night was "The Less Provocactive Songs of Katy Perry" featuring Casey Wilson in which she basically just makes fun of Katy Perry (apparently this skit had been pushed for 2 weeks in a row - I'm not sure why, it would have definitely helped both of the shows that they pushed it from).

Overall, a good episdoe. That said, the best part of the whole thing may have been at the very end when Anne Hathaway was doing the goodbye part, she said it was the best week of her life and one of the dudes from The Killers (the featured band from the week) made that "eee" face, like "eee. That's bad news if this is the best week of her life...".

Have a good week.


D Wheezy said...

Narrow escape from the dreaded yet inevitable "Andy Samberg Drag Moment" in that digital short. Overall good show though.

I think this may lend credence to the "Host makes the Show" theory. Then again maybe the host is just made to look better by a good show. Chicken or the egg, friend, chicken or the egg.

MajorLB said...

619? 719 at a good angle?

Double M said...

@majorlb I'm right with you on that one - I probably would go with a 618 or 718. The crazy thing is that the still frames that SNL did made her look amazing like 818 style but that seemed a little excessive adding to my confusion.

Shabutie said...

I don't know I've always felt she was a 819, maybe its just my kind of look but I thought this long before the nudity movies. Which is kinda weird I guess...considering the previous ones were all disney movies :-\

Krista said...

I thought the Lawrence Welk skit was hilarious. Some might find it offensive, but I thought it was great. The first minute is worthless, but after that, it's great.

Double M said...

@krista I think the Welk skit was great too (a link to it is somewhere in my post) - but I don't think it was a show defining skit.

A bunch of those types of skits together like last night make it a good SNL though.

Anonymous said...

Video clip of Sioux City New SNL Skit (link is on this page)

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