Friday, October 24, 2008

SNL Thursday Recap: Jam the Vote!

Posted by Double M

SNL Thursday Weekend Update was on again last night (you can watch it here - thanks Hulu). I watched it after I watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office so it didn't seem too funny for the most part. There, were 3 skits as always, and only one of them had me really laughing.

SNL opened with Will Ferrell cameoing as George Bush. He does a pretty good impression, and the skit was funny but it was 7 minutes of pretty much the same joke. It was good and worth seeing just to remember Will Ferrell's George Bush impression (a pick in the IR Will Ferrel Character Draft last month).

After the Will Ferrell open, it was a mediocre Weekend Update that included Fred Armisen jacking around with a touch screen (which was kinda funny if you have watched CNN this election season, but, again, got long) and an awful Keenan "Fix It!" skit (yeah, that thing again).

Seriously, they brought that back? The first time I blamed the writers, but this time I'm blaming Keenan. The audience isn't laughing and it doesn't help that he can't deliver his lines without cracking a smile. I would say Keenan is a poor man's Horatio Sanz, but that's not even true - he's the a homeless man that can't get into the shelter, so he steals another homeless man's cardboard box but doesn't realize that the box has some sort of sticky substance keeping it stuck to the side of the alley and so it rips so all he has now is half of a cardboard box. So he's a homeless man's homeless man's Horatio Sanz.

Fortunately, SNL really made me laugh with the Andy Samberg digital short "Jam the Vote."

That skit made it all better. Plus he puked on Keenan, which, after the "Fix It!" skit made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Shabutie said...

I don't know, I loved the Fred Armisen thing. I didn't think it was too long, but it came close. The Will Farrell thing made me love this episode and it was definitely the best of the Thursday SNLs. I thought everything was pretty good other than Keenan's bullshit fix it.

D Wheezy said...

I can't believe anybody thinks that "Fix It" thing is even worth a chuckle. If I was in the audience I would have vomited all Samberg-style all over anybody who laughed.

Shabutie said...

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