Friday, October 10, 2008

Twitter me Timbers - Weekly Twitter Round Up

Posted by Wheezy

Sorry for the delay in posting the WTRU. Some people still read the internet on the weekends right?

Peter Sciretta from slashfilm

Sir Ben Kingsley is Nizam
in the Prince of Persia movie? Didn't realize they had knights in Persia.

Paul Southworth From uglyhill

Turns out Animal wasn't the only muppet to wail on the drums. Ernie and Bert are so effin' metal.

Ross M From RossAM

Violins can rock out too.

Wesley From wesleyzero

Like "Being John Malkovich". But with, you know, Bill Murray.

drhorrible From drhorrible

Drunk YouTubing > Drunk Dialing. Don't judge.


Looks like somebody caught one of our very own IR contributors at the Time Travel Store. Little known fact: Knights wore 3D glasses to improve their response time when jousting in tournaments.

Have a good weekend folks.


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