Friday, November 21, 2008

5 Minute Fix: Bloodsport Mentos

Posted by Royalcow

If you aren't familiar with the Alamo Draft House, you may not know what Master Pancake is. For those of you that remember Mystery Science Theater 3000, its basically that. Those that don't, first of all, shame on you and second, its basically guys just talking over the movie making fun of it.

This Wednesday I saw them do the Jean Claude van Damme movie Bloodsport which was really funny. Which brings me to this video.

The funny part is that the real song that plays during that scene is almost as cheesy. Oh the Draft House was playing Bloodsport to promote JCVD, which looks like it might actually be good. Trailer below:


Royalcow said...

Check out this video at about 0:20 for JCVD hitting on the interviewer in an magazine interview. Awesome.

Ben said...

that my friend is funny

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