Saturday, November 22, 2008

After Dark: Its a Dirty Video Game!

Posted by Double M

Its been a while since we the GTA Hot Coffee (NSFW) fiasco of a few years ago. While that was definitely over the top, I think a lot of times video games get a bad rap for being dirty. I guess, some people just love to overreact.

Besides, sometimes the "kids" that are supposedly being ruined don't even know what's going on (like the Shrek movies) or completely miss the references (like a bunch of Disney movies). Take for instance, this video game.

I'm fairly certain that wasn't meant to be dirty, but you can't tell me the writers weren't laughing when that dialog snuck through their censors. And before you tell me that those people should be more mature, remember - these are the people making video games:


D Wheezy said...

Any idea which video game that is? For some reason I want to go play it now...

I don't even really understand what the Motrin Moms are mad about. Do they think the ad is belittling their baby carrying ways I guess?

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