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IR Pop Culture Cagematch: Wonder Woman

MM: A couple of weeks ago, MajorLB posted her Avatar Challenge (Side note: As much as we all love her avatar here at IR, she wants something else, so I say she takes it.) To me, the best part of that post was a reference to the Megan Fox as Wonder Woman photo. While Megan Fox is apparently not going to be Wonder Woman, the topic did make us all wonder, for one fleeting moment, who would wear Wonder Woman's costume. Then, an article came out where Beyonce said she wanted to be Wonder Woman saying, "A black wonder woman would be a very powerful thing."

This threw me into a panic. Doesn't anyone remember Austin Powers in Goldmember? Wasn't she supposed to be the star of Dreamgirls until Jennifer Hudson stole the movie? Look, I get it that Beyonce is attractive (most of the time), but that definitely shouldn't qualify her to be Wonder Woman. So the authors of IR and I ended up having a Twitter discussion that moved to email and now here. So, today, each of us is going to make a case for who we think should fill the role of Wonder Woman.

Double M

Remember when I said I freaked out about Beyonce playing Wonder Woman? It was in the last paragraph? Is your memory that short? Anyway, right after I freaked out, I realized that I knew nothing about WW. All I know is that she's an Amazon princess that has bullet-proof wristbands, an invisible jet, and a lasso. So, basically I knew this role would have to be played by someone who's willing to go campy, totally embrace the fact that there is a faction of people who will see this movie solely because she is scantly clad, and won't try to make the role more than it is. After racking my brain I came to: Angelina Jolie.

Yeah, it might seem like a cop-out pick, but she has already proved she'd do ridiculous comic book movies with Wanted, go campy with Tomb Raider, and looks good with dark hair. I've even photoshopped paint-ed what it would look like below. This seems like a no-brainer.


When Double M started this little post I immediately began to keep my eye out for potential candidates. When I ran into this picture I immediately knew that the girls of Charmed would make excellent candidates. Of course there's only one Wonder Woman so I have to narrow it down. First to go is the actress that plays Piper. I don't even know her name and I don't care to look it up, but she's just too motherly for WW. Next goes Rose McGowan because I don't think she's a good pick even though that picture is fierce. Wheezy also points out that lately she's been cast in things just because she's dating the director.

So, Alyssa Milano vs. Shannen Dougherty

Now, Shannen Dougherty clearly has the physical upper hand in that video clip, but then she got kicked off the show (like usual) and Alyssa Milano takes over the role of sister that kicks ass. And a fair amount of what I loved about WW was some of the cheesy campiness and I think Alyssa Milano can do that better (as long as she stays away from that pouty baby talk thing with her mouth). Shannen takes herself too seriously. So, officially my pick is:


I'll be honest, I don't know much about Wonder Woman. I haven't seen the old movie (is it movies?) and I haven't read any of the comics. That being said I'm going to still make an uneducated choice. I'm going with Famke Janssen. The big downside I see her is that she's already well known as Jean Grey. I guess that's a plus too, as we know she can pull off a comic book roll. I see Wonder Woman as a heroine that could give a good ass kickin. I think Famke could fill this role no problem. As an added bonus she's hot. So hot + tough + comic book experience = great Wonder Woman candidate.


I seriously doubt Double M actually used Photoshop to create that image.

In order to continue with what appears to be a series of choices based on little-to-no actual Wonder Woman knowledge, I'm going to put forth for my contender, one Sarah Palin.

She's not doing anything these days right? I mean, Alaska pretty much runs itself if the show "Northern Exposure" is any yardstick.

No, I'm kidding of course. She doesn't have the qualifications to be Wonder Woman. Instead, I'll throw out Morena Baccarin for my pick.

Probably best known (at least to me) as Inara on the regrettably canceled "Firefly", she's got more than enough in the way of "nerd-cred" to merit consideration in the Wonder Woman candidate pool. In addition to Inara, Morena has played Adria in Stargate SG-1, and already has a bit of comic experience, voicing Black Canary in the 2005 tv run of Justice League.

Admittedly, she could use a few extra el-bees (that's LBs) of muscle before beating up on baddies, but if Christian Bale can go from the Machinist to Bruce Wayne, I imagine Hollywood trainers can get an extra 10 or so on Morena before filming starts.

Not only that, but seems like SufferingSappho over at the Super Hero Forums already did the photoshoppin' for me.


So I can't see a possible way they can make a Wonder Woman movie even remotely good. I really don't think they can go campy especially if they want to roll everything into a JLA movie eventually. I would hope they would do some major reimaging, but even so I can't see how they can make it a good comic book movie. The way that I see it, they can either make it a good movie and throw away most of the comic book material, or they make it a faithful comic book movie and it will be terrible. I hope they can find a good balance, cause Marvel is kicking DC's ass in terms of movies (and in general, what have you read that was DC besides the Watchmen lately anyway).

In terms of casting though, there have been some good picks already. I was about to go with Inara, but Wheezy beat me to it. Luckily I had a few others in mind: Monica Bellucci and Megan Gale (who was cast as Wonder Woman in the JLA movie which may or may not make). If you need any help imagining Monica as Wonder Woman here's PheonixFlight's version (from the same forum Wheezy posted already).

While I do think that she would be able to carry the movie, I think she might be a little too old for the role, which leaves me with Megan Gale. I have no idea if she can act well enough, but I think she fits the part looks wise. Plus she's about 6 feet tall without heels. It might not be a creative pick, but a good one nonetheless.

MM: So there's that. Apparently none of us really know anything about Wonder Woman. On one hand, that's probably a bad thing because we will have no vested stake in seeing a movie. On the other hand, this is could be a good thing because the writers/directors could pretty much do whatever they want with the storyline and we'd have no clue whether it followed the previous stories or not.

Have a recommendation we didn't cover in the post? Let us know in the comments...


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Wow LB- that video is just ridiculous. Is that what that show is like? I was wondering how those girls weren't dead after 4 seconds, but later it looks like there must be magic and/or special powers at play because the wrestling mat turned into some sort of pit to hell. Very weird clip.

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Here's an interesting Beyonce as Wonder Woman picture.

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Gale certainly has the Adam Hughes look

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