Monday, December 1, 2008

NBA Commercial Blitz Part 1

Posted by Double M

Every year it seems that there are a bazillion new NBA commercials. I'm not sure why, it seems that NBA commercials are consistently better than commercials featuring NFL or MLB players (this is excluding the LdT/Troy Polamalu "Fate" commercial...but I did say on average). So throughout this NBA season, I'll be dropping a few posts on you with some awesome NBA commercials that I've enjoyed.

The first is a Nike ad featuring LeBron James working it with Nicole Scherzinger. LeBron is/will be a global icon and I love the fact that Nike just does whatever they hell they want in LeBron's commercials.

Only Nike and LeBron could find a way to make putting shoes on kinda dirty.

The next commercial rocks some local flavor from my favorite grocery store HEB and my favorite basketball team, the Spurs. HEB always has local commercials with the Spurs, and, in general, they make me laugh. This one is all about smelling clean, so it should make you feel not dirty after the last one.

I'm sure I will have more of them as the season goes on. Ginobili and Duncan always make me laugh.

The last commercial continues from a long line of T-Mobile commercials featuring Charles Barkley (A favorite of mine) and Dwyane Wade. This time, though, they've mixed in Yao Ming.

I'm just impressed Yao speaks English that well. Well done, good sir.


D Wheezy said...

T-Mobile does have pretty fantastic ads. You know what else is fantastic? Reading Immediate Regret in all its Flash-Video glory on my mobile phone, then posting a comment.

Can your iPhone watch flash videos Shabutie? I'm really asking, as I'm not really sure.

PS - so far this month I've used 500 MB of data on my mobile phone while in Arkansas. Is that a lot?

Ben said...

i dont know if you've seen the 2k9 commercials with KG but they are great

the obf soldier one is better on tv. he calls his buddy garbage and his other buddy more garbage than the first guy.

Ben said...

i just saw this one on tv and had to post it

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