Thursday, December 11, 2008

TMNT Thursday: Behind-the-Scenes of the Live Tour

Posted by Double M

Growing up, a lot of us saw the "Coming Out of Out Shells" tour from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you've never seen it before (or don't know what I'm talking about) here's a clip to catch you up.

To be honest, I never went to one of those shows (and I'm glad for my parents now that they never had to sit through one), but I did have the cassette tape and I listened to it a the point that I still kinda know the words to that song.

Anyway, something I hadn't seen from the "Coming Out of Our Shells" tour was the behind-the-scenes footage and I would bet you haven't either. And since, as a true TMNT fan, you should never miss out on any TMNT videos make sure you take a look at the behind-the-scenes from the TMNT concert tour. I'll warn you beforehand - it is ludicrous.

Sweet Lord. This is why all TMNT action should be cartoon based.How ridiculous did the Pizza Hut exec feel at that press conference? Why is Donatello in pink at one point in the video? Was the entertainment budget for this tour large enough that they could afford to produce a behind-the-scenes? These are the things I need to have answered.


D Wheezy said...

I not only owned the cassettes, but I went to one of the concerts. No joke. Apparently, I got a real bad headache early on though and had to leave.

I think it was Future Wheezy trying to tell Present Wheezy that this is not something you'll want to remember when you're older.

I still wish I had made it through the whole show. *sniff*

D Wheezy said...

Little known fact: Raphael originally played saxophone in the band, but later they switched him to keytar so that he would be able to sing.

Littl-er known fact: After seeing how horrible the animatronic lip sync was on those costumes, execs wish they had made the entire group play wind instruments.

Unknown fact: That last one was a lie.

Double M said...

These are the kinds of facts you can only get at Immediate Regret.

Also, Wheezy, you can watch the whole Coming Out of Our Shells tour on YouTube if you are so inclined.

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