Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flavor Flav's Under One Roof

Posted by Double M

I will admit this to you: I used to watch The Flavor of Love. I have no clue why - in real life I would not want to watch a beaten-down-from-coke-plus-other-drugs-and-really-really-bad-hookers 50+ year-old-man make out with a self-esteemless 20-30-something whore (most-hyphens-ever). But VH1 would make me want to watch crazy ass people rock an even-more-fake-than-the-Bachelor show about "falling in love." Or, as VH1 sells it, having the best sex while on the show.

In any case, last week while I was in my hotel in New York, I stumbled across a show featuring Flavor Flav on MyNetwork TV. I have never heard of this show or this network, but here's the intro.

Sadly, there are no real clips from this show online, so I can't share any of the awesomeness awfulness that is this show. That said, if you want to laugh and cringe a little more, you can go check out the official website.


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