Monday, February 16, 2009

Pretend You Saw It: Alec Baldwin Was There But The Writers Took The Night Off

Posted by Double M

If you couldn't tell from my excessively long title, Alec Baldwin was the guest host this week on SNL. I don't know if you watched it all, but there were 2 repeat skits (both from this season!), 4 recurring character skits that weren't funny, and overall a poor show. I feel like the writers just took the night off. As such, I'm going to take a shortcut on my recap. So, hold on to your hats because we're gonna fly through this one.

Dan Ackroyd's return appearance/cameo was wasted on a unfunny Republican party open.

Next, there was a long monologue (and 30 Rock hat tip) featuring Jack McBriar.

After that there was the first appearance by the Jonas Brothers (imagine your best 10-14 year old girl scream here) where Baldwin tries to be the 4th Baldwin. FYI, this was the first time I chuckled all night.

Then there was a Cameron Diaz cameo in a Cougar Den recurring skit appearance.

Then, a digital short featuring the Jonas brothers as an 80's hair band. It was mediocre but I haven't shown a video yet, so here's one.

Next, Keenan came out and advertised his Sir Mix-A-Lot's Photoshop. From now on, I will not show a skit featuring Keenan unless he does something more than read his cue cards.

Then, the Jonas Brothers performed. At this point I hadn't really laughed, so I spent the entire performance trying to figure out which Jonas Brother I hated more considering I knew nothing about any of them.

Weekend Update was up next, and while funny, it wasn't great. Keenan came out as that guy who yells Fix It a lot with a new phrase Do It!. This hasn't gotten funnier. There was a brief Angelina Jolie cameo (same thing as the other week) and a fake blogger joke that has been run into the ground by about 5000000000000 people. Apparently someone at SNL just decided to borrow it for the week. SNL finished out with a Joaquin Phoenix joke (Mark my words: in about a year he's going to come back and say "The joke's on you, this was for a movie. I'm like the new Borat!") which was funny.

Next, there was a non-funny Bill Hader recurring character in a skit Vincent Price's Valentine's Day Special. Not on Hulu. Not Funny.

This episode was so bad that the writers found a way to make the fart face guys not funny in a skit where fart face says Carol Hold My Calls a lot.

Jonas Brother part 2 almost knocked me out for the night. I rebounded though for the best skit of the night featuring a Nintendo Wii and Wario Shake. I won't tell you anything about it, but this was easily the best skit of the night.

The episode was down to the end and dropped a couple of repeat skits with Chewable Pampers and Virgania Horsen's Hot Air Balloon Rides.

The final skit of the night was Alec Baldwin's Acting Techniques for Actors. Not on Hulu, so you know the deal.

And that's it, you can click the links to the skits if you want, but it wasn't really funny. SNL is on repeat next week, so maybe I'll get to an old episode.


MajorLB said...

Which JoBro (cringe) did you decide to hate the most?

Double M said...

I have no clue what their names are...

But in the Digital Short they are sitting in this order on the couch from left to right:

Emo Hipster, Douche-hat, Quasi-gay poor man's Shia LeBouf.

The one I hate the most is probably the douche-hat dude because I'm pretty sure he was wearing a bandana as scarf in the 4th JoBro (sweet Jesus why?) skit.

Anonymous said...

It's Jack McBrayer, not McBriar. Jesus, don't you know how to spell on this blog???

D Wheezy said...

A single question mark is the proper method with which to end a question in the English language. Three question marks is redundant, incorrect, and unnecessary.

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