Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pretend You Saw It: Steve Martin on SNL in 2009 [SNL Recap]

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I've missed a few SNL's (they're still on my DVR and I'll get to them someday), but I figured I get it these SNL recaps going again.

Steve Martin was the host on Saturday. I have no clue how many times he has hosted (and I'm too lazy to look it up), but I would assume he is top 3. Turns out he has hosted 15 times (he says this in the monologue) and it is the most all time (I looked it up). Anyway, Hulu went nutso and uploaded every funny skit (and a lot of not funny ones), so I've got all kinds of video for you today.

The show opened with a speech from Obama. He was trying to talk about the economy, but every time he started to talk about it, he diverted attention to the good tiems from his campaign. Pretty funny and I'm glad they are finding ways to make some jokes. The Biden stuff is pretty funny as well (although it could get Palin-style old if they aren't careful). Here's the clip.

Steve Martin's monologue was next and there was nothing memorable about it. I spent the entire time trying to figure out how old Steve Martin is. Does anyone know? He looks fairly young but he has to be getting up there.

As is typical of SNL, they jumped into a pre-filmed skit right after the monologue. It was called Chewable Pampers. It was gross and only kinda funny, but since it is topical for me and over-the-top I've included it below.

One of the crazy things SNL did this week was show MacGruber Pepsi commercial/skits during actual commercial breaks (genius by the ad people, but annoying for me trying to skip commercials on my DVR). You probably saw one of them during the Super Bowl, but there were actually 3 of them. Here's the first and probably the best because it features MacGyver.

The next skit was called Neil & Jean. I don't now how to describe it but its not really funny. Basically its a bunch of oblivious people that end up taking ecstasy. That sounds funnier than it actually is. You can see it here.

Next was an SNL Digital Short Laser Cats 4. When you're watching it, you knew it was coming from the moment Steve Martin walked in and asked if Lorne Michaels was busy. It was still funny (even with Keenan), although Laser Cats is always funnier when drinking.

Issues followed that up, which sadly featured Keenan (who, of course, just talks normal in his skits - I think he is just straight reading the cue cards). It was about people who wanted to come talk with a fake-social worker about mental issues they have but instead Keenan makes fun of their physical problems. It wasn't really funny, although they did put sagging man-boobs on Steve Martin which made me laugh. Again, Hulu went nuts and this somehow made it to our beloved site as well. Please don't click this link to watch it.

The second MacGruber Pepsi ad, Pepsuber 2 showed up next. This is the one from the Super Bowl, and at the risk of overloading you with commercials, here it is.

I'm not sure why, but they must not have had enough good skits (even with Steve Martin) to fill the time slots because they ran a generic Bernie Madoff skit next. Madoff was calling his friends to invite them to a Superbowl party (of course, none of them answered). I'm sure it was funny on paper. It wasn't funny in execution. Not on Hulu, you're not missing anything.

Again, I think the writers must be on some sort of Super Bowl vacation because the next skit was the female cast members professing their love for Steve Martin. Basically it was Steve treating them poorly and them singing songs to them. I don't know, maybe this was a running joke from his previous hosting experiences. Does anyone know? Again, not on Hulu and you aren't missing anything.

The third MacGruber ad was next. It made me laugh.

The musical guest was Jason Mraz. Seriously, where is the consonant between the M and the R in his last name? From now on, I'm calling him Mr. Az. Mr. Az's first song was the song that is on the radio about 400 bazillion times a day (it was seriously on all 3 pop stations at the same f-ing time yesterday when I was driving to work).

Seth Meyers was next, still kicking it solo on Weekend Update. It was the standard funny show and it featured 3 guest appearances.

First, there was a Blago skit that was funny and is included below.

Second, the new chick (I still don't know her name) did an Angelina Jolie impression. She didn't really sound like Angelina, but she looks kinda like her. You can see it here.

Third, there was a skit featuring NY governor David Paterson. It was funny, but probably funnier if you live in NY. The crowd loved it (but they were probably a heavy NY crowd which explained it). You can watch it here.

Going back to the skit, there was a skit with Steve Martin as a makeup salesman with an annoying wife. To be honest, Kristen Wiig's character annoyed me and I wanted to skip the skit, but I kept waiting for it to get funny. Sadly it did not. Not on Hulu for good reason.

Apparently, this appearance by Steve Martin wasn't just promoting his new movie (which looks awful), but he also pitched his new banjo cd (?). It was like having a 3rd musical skit in the episode, which was a waste. I guess when you've hosted 15 times you can do what you want. It didn't make me laugh but is on Hulu here if you want to waste 4:10.

The final skit of the night was called Forefathers of the Game. It featured an awesome Bill Hader voice over intro and was about a football player that used a gun on the field. It sounds kinda dumb, but it made me laugh.

The show closed with Jason Mraz and Colby Callie, who is way hotter than she should be for what she sings.

Honestly, it was just a mediocre show. There were some parts that made me laugh, but overall the MacGruber commercials may have been the highlight, which seems like a waste.


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