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Pretend You Saw It: That Douche from Wedding Crashers on SNL

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Well, I didn't get any extra SNL's done last week and I'm behind on this week, so it is a great start to this come back (but, hey, readership is higher than ever, so maybe I need to stop doing these all together).

Anyway, Bradley Cooper was the host this week. Don't recognize the name do you? Yeah, me either. As it turns out, Bradley Cooper was the d-bag dating/engaged to Rachel McAdams (pictured, right, because she's hotter than Bradley Cooper) in Wedding Crashers. He's also cameod in such films as Failure to Launch (which is a great movie to see Matthew McConaughey's dreamy chest) and in last week's box office #1 He's Just Not That Into You. So, now that you know who he is, I can get on with the recap.

The show opened with a political skit from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Yay politics! I know SNL almost always opens with politics, but the problem with politics is that it is pretty much not funny. If you want to watch a skit about the buyout and complaining about republicans, go here.

Bradley Cooper came out next for the opening monologue. I can only assume he's hosting this week because the 49+ other more credible stars from the movie were unavailable. That said, the monologue was actually kinda funny. Cooper apparently went to the Actors Studio from the TV series, Inside the Actors Studio and has been featured several times in the audience. To be honest, I wish they would have scrapped the opening skit and gone with the monologue on Hulu.

Following the monologue, they rolled out a NBC News skit making fun of Kathy Lee Gifford. The only time I have ever seen any part of this show has been on The Soup. I have a feeling this skit captured the magic of the show. Unfortunately, the magic was really annoying to me. Maybe you'll like it - you can check it out here.

The next skit was a game show called "I'm Gonna Have Sex with Your Wife." It was kinda funny although there was a lot of dead time. If you want to burn 5 minutes on a skit where the punch line is told in the first 3 seconds, then here's the link.

Next was a digital short from the Lonely Island crew. I'm going to take a moment here to point you to a link where you can hear pretty much the entire cd: Hulu. Turns out the cd is funny, but it is comprised of about 75% digital shorts (or the music from them) which you can check out on Hulu. I've added the feed above so you can catch the rest of the songs which will invariably come out as digital shorts in the future. Anyway, here's this week's digital short (and also a song on the cd) called "I'm On a Boat" which made me laugh several times.

Next thing you know, they had that recurring skit where Hader, Forte, Sudeikis, and the generic male host admit embarrassing things from their life which are always horribly inappropriate. These skits are generic but usually really funny. Unfortunately, because of their terribly inappropriate nature (this one included a 12-year-old boy joke), they never make it to Hulu - which is really sad considering this may have been the funniest "skit" of the week.

The musical guest was TV on the Radio which features a guy that has a fro hair/beard combo that is thick enough on both ends of his head that I'm pretty sure you could switch the fro and the beard and no one would know. They also sounded like a drunk Dave Matthews cover band at times which made me laugh.

Next up was Weekend Update. I had heard that Seth Meyers finally settled into the doing Weekend Update by himself this week so I was exited to see it. He didn't disappoint. Meyers moved smoothly from joke to joke for the first time in a while which was nice to see.

Weekend Update would be nothing without "guests," and the first one this week was Mark Spitz (the former Olympic medal record holder) played by Andy Samberg. This made me laugh a few times, but it was probably, mostly the mustache.

Next, Keenan showed up as James Harrison (the guy from the Steelers that had the 100-yard TAINT in the Super Bowl). I'm fairly certain this was Keenan's best acting job ever.

I'm ashamed to admit that I laughed multiple times in this skit. Well played, Keenan. That's twice this year you've made me laugh. If only you could tell a joke without smiling.

Even though Amy is gone, Seth Meyers decided to bring out the Really?!? skit about sponsors "punishing" Michael Phelps. I've shared my thoughts on Really previously (I don't like it), but the line at the end of this is awesome so I've included the video.

The last cameo was Kristen Wiig as Bjork. She does a great impression of Bjork, but the skit just wasn't that funny. You can check it out here.

Next was a hockey locker room skit featuring a nervous kid. This isn't on Hulu, but be happy because it basically is a poor ripoff of a shitty Mad TV skit featuring a character named Stuart. The skit sucked.

After a commercial, there was a skit called Bad Guys, Good Conversation, a talk show featuring movie bad guys Hanz Gruber from Die Hard, the chick from Basic Instinct, Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs and Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid. The first 3:30 weren't really funny, but the last minute was, so I've embedded that below.

The second to last skit was a skit about an alcohol intervention where some of the attendees keep interrupting. It was kind of clever, but it was funny, and didn't make it to Hulu. If this skit had been on Mad TV, it would have been one of their highlights. Perhaps some of the writers from Mad TV came over to SNL?

After another performance by TV on the Radio, SNL dropped a Christian Bale selling a DVD featuring celebrity on-set rants. It seems like more and more this season, they've been using this last slot as a current event skit that they don't want to lead with. That said, I'm fairly certain this skit was just a way to publicly test some of their celebrity impressions.

All-in-all, this was not really a great episode. It had some decent moments, but for the most part was worth skipping. Next week, however, is Alec Baldwin, so you can expect a great show (I'll just ignore that the Jonas brothers are the musical guest).


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