Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Want to Look Like a Huge Douche and Be Creepy? Get a Silver Sonic XL Get the Sliver Sonic

Posted by Double M

When I fly, I never look at SkyMall. This is mainly because I have enough other stuff to occupy me on planes that I don't need to waste my time. But the last time I flew I didn't have a book, my iPod's battery died, and my DS quit working. Plus I had just downed a Red Bull a few hours earlier and it hadn't completely worn off yet. This led to a very boring flight which led to me picking up SkyMall which led to me discovering this pretty sweet device called the Silver Sonic XL.

What is the Silver Sonic XL you ask? Well, for starters it is a poor-man's hearing aid. According to their website, it amplifies sound from up to 90ft away! But you want to know the best part? It looks like a bluetooth headset!

I know you're really excited right now, so here's a video to get you even more pumped up.

Yes, only with the Silver Sonic XL can you get all the douchebaginess of wearing a bluetooth headset cell phone ear adapter when you're not on the phone and the creepiness of a stalker/peeper all for $20. As an added bonus, it looks like you are also able to randomly hear things all-around you with the added benefit of honing in on exactly what you want to hear. This sounds like the best thing ever*.

Now that I've seen this, here's what I really want to find: someone wearing a Super Sonic XL on one side and a bluetooth headset on the other.

* In no way is this the best thing ever.


MajorLB said...

I love how they all hear super positive things about themselves. The first guy really would have heard, "How much longer do we have to stay? I don't even like John, but we work together so I felt obligated." And that girl would have heard, "Why is that skank wearing a bluetooth headset on the beach?"

Ross said...

I like how it starts out- Ever wish you had sonic hearing? Well, actually that's how I (and all other humans) hear, so I'm good, thanks.

Royalcow said...

I believe they meant to say super-sonic hearing. Cause I would want that.

D Wheezy said...

Actually I believe that he did indeed mean "Sonic Hearing". The ability to detect delicious shake and chili-dog vendor Sonic (America's Drive-In) through audio means is a skill both Ross and I have yearned to acquire for quite some time.

BC said...

i also liked in the first clip where she said she like john and then john looked over with a "yeah thats right" head nod but then the next time he was laying in bed with a different girl. i guess he wears it because its an easy way to pick and choose women

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