Thursday, May 14, 2009

Really, I'm trying to punish myself

Posted by MajorLB

As you can see from the poll at the right, I lost the Immediate Regret TV station draft. Normally the punishment involves watching the worst movie on Rotten Tomatoes now playing and organizing the next draft (which turns out might actually be the worst part of the punishment).

Unfortunately, there really haven't been that many totally shitty movies out in wide release, but I have left the losing poll up to remind myself that I owe all you bastards who didn't vote for my awesome network lineup readers a shitty movie or some other form of pop culture torture.

Feel free to make suggestions, but right now I'm thinking a High School Musical marathon and a complete listen to the Heidi Montag abortion of an album.

If you really think I need to go to a theater to make the embarassment public then find a movie playing in the Seattle metroarea and I will do so.


Double M said...

I vote that you watch the last ever episode of MadTV (it was canceled I think) and break down the actors and the skits.

D Wheezy said...

Jeez Double M. That's cold.

I think watching Season 1 of Mind of Mencia without a laptop or anything to allow you to distract yourself should be punishment enough - with accrued interest of course.

Shabutie said...

I really feel like it needs to be something more public. Like going to one of those Seattle protests (they have a different one ever hour right?) wearing a "Four More Years Bush/Cheney" shirt...ok maybe not. That would probably get you killed, but you know what I mean. Something that involves going to some public place doing something embarrassing.

MajorLB said...

You people are cruel! I thought we were friends...

Shabutie said...

You've been away from the internets for a while haven't you?

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