Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is worse than a Snuggie

Posted by Double M

I am firmly planted in the group of people that thought/think the Snuggie is stupid. But that isn't what this post is about. No, this post is about the wearable towel. What's the wearable towel? This:

If I ever see one of my neighbors wearing a toga out to get their mail I am going to immediately run outside and begin making fun of them mercilessly. And they'd need it because otherwise they wouldn't know they were dumb for buying one of these things.

Side note, the actors in this video are some of the worst. In the scene where the three people are laying out randomly in the middle of the concrete, the chick on the left just makes a bunch of hand and face gestures without saying anything.


Anonymous said...


i bet you hate the baby also

MajorLB said...

The commercial/product is clearly terrible, but the concept really isn't that bad. Quite a few girls in the sorority had towels with velcro or even thin straps to wear when blow drying hair and getting ready in the communal bathroom.

Of course the real solution is to live alone. :)

BC said...

how many chicks put on a bra and panties before there towel? not many i think. she totally shouldve been nude.

Shabutie said...

I'm pretty sure @MajorLB is admiting to walking around her home in the nude at this point. Just letting you know, that's out there for anyone to pick up an internet and know this. Also, I'm pretty sure you've begun to ignore my @'s on twitter.

D Wheezy said...

My favorite part of this is around the 8 second mark - when the music picks up and I feel like I'm about to start a new level of Starfox 64.

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