Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Wheezy

Posted by Double M

Hey all you hop ons. Guess what? Today is Wheezy's birthday! Usually, this means he is in the process of getting wasted from PBR and Tequila, but since he's all big-time Cali/Hollywood now I'm sure it means he's drinking mimosas out of some underage boys fancy glasses.

Anyway, since Wheezy's got a job and, thus, all the cool toys, I didn't know what to get him, so I found him a couple mist videos with some ideas.

If you don't know him, Wheezy is a nice guy and he's always willing to help youngsters (like I was at one point) become more enlightened and experienced. One of the ways he does this is by passing along his sage advice (such as, "When you're hungover, just keep eating cups of ramen until you don't puke anymore. Then you'll know that you're not hungover anymore."). I'm worried that as he's getting older people may start ignoring him, so, if you want, I'll help you get an auto-tuner worked into your shirt so you'll always sound like Kanye. Here's an awesome example:

All it would take is an auto-tuner. Or you cuold just get that clever "Play button"-er shirt. That would work too.

Wheezy also loves animated robots. I think he gets a 3/4-chub every time he hears the name Wall-E. So what better present to give him on his birthday than a robot dance off.

Happy Birthday, hombre.


D Wheezy said...

Thanks brother! That last video definitely took me from 6 to midnight.

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