Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zack Morris and Zack Attack on Jimmy Fallon

Posted by Double M

I don't know if you watch Jimmy Fallon but one of the running sub-plots of his show is trying to get a Saved By The Bell reunion together on his show.

I've been waiting to post anything about this until it actually happens (I don't want to get your hopes up), but Zack Morris showed up on the show this week and it is too good not to post. I know you may think I mean Mark-Paul Gosselaar, but I actually mean Zack Morris.

It is 9 minutes long but if you were a fan of Saved by the Bell it is worth every second.

Someday, when that reunion happens, it will be awesome.


SeanieMic said...

A reunion would be great! That video was awesome! Loved the brick Check out my SBTB tribute rap video "I Love Bayside"

Ross said...

Seanie, when you parody a song that's that awful you'd be hard pressed to make a video that's not awful.

Anonymous said...

Amazing clip, So excited for the reunion.

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