Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My latest obsession: The Lonely Forest

Posted by MajorLB

No, not The Lonely Island although they are indeed funny.

I didn't have internet at home for 3 weeks. It suucccked, especially since I'm kinda like the very beginnging of the Web Site Story musical. It appears the rest of IR has been pretty busy with their real life as well. I mean Ross got married, Wheezy is planning a wedding and DoubleM still has that son.

I can't let us go a full week without posting though so I'll share my current music obsession. I found out about them through Sound on the Sound which provides some awesome coverage of Pacfic NW music happenings and great photos from @musicandmoxie. They also happen to be semi-local. They're from this place called Anacortes, WA. The other thing Anacortes is known for is a strait that besides being gorgeous has a BA name.

Anyway, here's their album on imeem. If you're only gonna listen to one song then start with We Sing in Time.

The Lonely Forest


BB said...

Downloaded and listened to this album yesterday after seeing your tweet.

Unfortunately only got four songs in due to work distractions, but it was def. enjoyable. Must finish today!

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