Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bringing It Back to Square One

Posted by Double M

I've been gone for a while (big ups to RoyalCow for holding this place down) and I really don't have any excuse other than I just haven't written. So, I thought I'd get back at this with why I started writing in the first place: hip-hop.

If you enjoy hip-hop, even casually, you were probably amped up earlier this year to get Eminem's Relapse album. You were then, like most other people, probably disappointed at the quality of the album. I don't know if it was Eminem shaking the rust off or if it was just a bad album or if he and Dre have just lost it, but it wasn't very good.

Why am I talking about it then? You may not remember one of the mediocre tracks, Bagpipes from Baghdad in which Eminem rips former girlfriend (and former mental patient) Mariah Carey and MTV's "we're trying to be urban, look we also have Quidddudeisdsdus the VJ" Nick Cannon who are now married. Look, its a mediocre song, you can skip it.

Apparently this pissed off Nick Cannon who went off on his blog (and later took it down, MTV?) and Mariah who basically made a video all about Eminem, which I've included below because it is kinda funny. I guess if you don't know all Mariah Carey videos are PG-13.

This is where it gets good. Apparently provoked by this, Eminem came back with another diss track called "The Warning" which I have embedded below. This is one of the better tracks I have heard from Eminem in a long time (and, yes, I know he "retired" for 5 years even though he was on multiple tracks). He goes after Mariah just enough for it to be funny but not enough for it to be awkward. If you enjoy diss tracks or Eminem, you'll enjoy this. This is probably better over headphones though.

Of course there are a few of you that know about this track already. In fact, all this stuff came out this summer. So why am I writing about it now? Because Eminem's Relapse 2 is supposed to come out in the next few weeks and this track is an indication that Eminem has his mojo back so the album should be better. Plus the chance of there being another Mariah diss are pretty high, so now you know what's up


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