Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why I Liked Zombieland

Posted by Royalcow

Zombies. That is basically why I liked this movie. Okay, so maybe that isn't the only reason, in fact it wasn't even the top reason why I liked this movie, but Zombieland did in fact have zombies. Lots of zombies.

This movie certainly exceeded my expectations. The main strength of this came from the cast. Woody Harrelson plays an awesome redneck zombie killer. Emma Stone (you know the girl that Jonah Hill tries to hook up with in Superbad) looks hot as always, possibly even hotter toting a gun. Olive from Little Miss Sunshine (Abigail Breslin) does a great job as the young sister. And then there's the Columbus, the neurotic, WoW-playing, shut in, who of course gets the girl at the end. Oh let's not forget (spoiler!) Bill Murray (highlight to see spoiler text, although if you clicked on the IMDB link above you already know).

As a side note, the best line in this movie is, "You're going to find out who you have to call."

Fun fact about Zombieland, after filming Woody Harrelson punched a photographer damaging his camera. Harrelson later claimed that it was cause he thought he was a zombie. Apparently, from an interview that Playboy did with Harrelson he claimed this was all Paul McCartney's idea. Brilliant. Another fun fact is that Zombieland does have crap after credits!

So go see the movie. It's awesome.

PS. I might also suggest a simple drinking game to go along with the movie. Drink when...
  • Anyone says the title of the movie (yes, Z-land counts).
  • A rule is displayed on the screen.
  • And if you are really serious, anytime someone refers to another person as a city.


Rogers said...

Hey, I loved this movie too - though I think it'd be best for those who haven't seen it to not mention that Bill Murray is in it. I think that scene is an awesome surprise, and totally makes the movie, esp. if you don't know it's coming up.

My favorite line: "Do you want to see how hard I can punch?"

See my thoughts:

My fav scene was when they were playing Ghosts Busters with BM - totally awesome.

Shabutie said...

This movie was seioudky the best fucking movie iv seen in forever and nhughlu recommend it to everyone who would wcr ask me about it. So stipu if you wrt thinking about Denny it you should. Omg Andy just walked up to the table I'm sitting at at flying saucer!!!! Fukcig aesomr!!!

Yuri said...

Just saw this last night - incredibly entertaining! Highly recommended for boys and girls of all ages. And thanks to Andy for pointing out the crap after credits, that was worth staying for.

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